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Times of prayer

Please find the standard times of our Tefillot (services) HERE (in Dutch).

Half a century

Welcome to our shul, the JCC-shul Buitenveldert. Our shul in the southern part of Amsterdam is located in the green suburban Buitenveldert neighbourhood just behind the VU Medical Centre, and exists since the early seventies, replacing an earlier temporary synagogue which was in use since 24 September 1965. The first services in Buitenveldert were held on the first evening of Rosh Hashana 5725, 6 September 1964, in a private house at A.J. Ernststraat.

The building

The shul is housed in a building which was built in 1966 and purchased by the Ashkenazi Jewish community of Amsterdam in 1970 to serve as its Jewish Cultural Centre, containing a neighbourhood synagogue, social hall and offices. The building was inaugurated on 18 March 1971. The first bar mitzva took place just a little earlier: on March 13, 1971.

The interior of the shul as it is today has been in place since 1975. The shul has been refurbished in the eighties when the warm dark red and blew colours were introduced, which are today the colours of our JCC Shul.

The davvening

We davven according to the Western-Ashkenazi (German) tradition which outside of Holland will today be found scarcely. It is though a tradition that has been established by the earliest Ashkenazi settlers here in Amsterdam in the first half of the 17th century and maintained ever since. Of course you’ll recognize classic and modern tunes to the tefillot.

In princip the prayers are led by congregants who are experienced davveners in our Shul.


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Amsterdam has an active Eruv. You can find the map of the Eruv on this page >

Our synagogue has divided several tasks to:

Moshe Godschalk, President                          Eli Bialoglowski, Synagogue-Rabbi

Paul Jacobs, Treasurer                                   Danny Elburg, Gabbai

Marc Sweijd, hon. Secretary                           Gidon Mandel, Gabbai

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